New Life,
Through Jesus,
for edmond
and the world


GATHER for worship and community


GROW in intimacy and understanding


GO to serve and to share
As we form our pathway for spiritual growth we want to be very intentional about how we spend our time, talent and resources so that we can have the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God. To this end, we are also in the process of becoming what some call, “a simple church.” A simple church is designed around a straightforward and strategic process that moves people through the stages of spiritual growth.

7 Core Practices

We believe that God has called us to participate in His vision of NEW LIFE through JESUS for EDMOND and the WORLD. How do we do this?  We Gather for worship and community, Grow in intimacy and understanding and Go to serve and share.  

Although we all serve in different ministry contexts and live in our own sphere of influence, we have committed to be a community of people who each live out a personal culture of discipleship marked by our 7 Core Practices:

Share Who You Are
Care for One Another
Read and Practice Scripture Together
Pray Together
Invest in People
Serve Community
Create and Send Leaders

These simple practices challenge us to continue to cultivate relationships with the people around us as we share new life through Jesus.  We want to help you integrate these core practices into your rhythm of life where ever you may be.  Whether you are from our particular church community or building the Kingdom in other parts of the world, we pray these stories, tools and tips will serve you well.

Vision: “New life, through Jesus, for Edmond and the world.”

The change First Presbyterian Church will seek is new life, marked by joy, justice, righteousness grace and love in Edmond and the world. We will be a community of people who each live out a personal culture of discipleship marked by our Seven Core Practices. (Share Who You Are, Care for One Another, Read Scripture Together, Pray Together, Invest in People, Serve Community and Create and Send Leaders) We will focus our attention and resources to see lives transformed and changed outside our congregation through an encounter with Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The vision of First Presbyterian Church will be carried out beginning on January 1, 2018 by living into a five-year plan with five priorities. The five year plan will end on December 31, 2023.


500 New Disciples
We will seek to reproduce our new life in Christ by leading 500 people from a place of little or no awareness or even hostility toward Jesus to a place of committed discipleship.  This priority is not intended to create new covenant partners for FPCE but to instead foster discipleship and new life to bless Edmond and the world.  Discipleship would be defined as someone who has been led in spiritual formation in the seven core practices of FPCE.
5,000 New “Gospel Encounters”
We will invest in people by building relationships that serve as a platform to share Jesus with 5,000 people who either do not know Him or do not know Him well over the next five years. We call these Gospel Encounters because they live out Jesus’ example of emptying Himself and coming among us.   These encounters will result in the awareness and proclamation of the Gospel and in the explicit invitation to meet Jesus and develop a relationship with him.  “Gospel Encounters” would be shared and celebrated with the congregation via a common reporting mechanism.
50 New Small Groups
We will foster 50 new small groups by creating and sending leaders who have been spiritually formed by the seven core practices.
New Reach to Gather and Grow
We will enhance the FPCE campus to draw guests in as well as foster an atmosphere of team-building for staff and volunteers and radical hospitality for the community.  We will also master and efficiently use technology and our musical and artistic gifts, including exploring new worship options, to share our unique Biblical, Reformed and evangelical teaching with all those given ears to hear in Edmond and the world.

One New Community
We will identify and train by including as part of our staff for at least two years, a leader who will be given resources to create a new worshipping community in or near Edmond.  

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