"Our Role and the Lord’s Requirement"

Recorded Sermon 11/21/21

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A First Pres Podcast

We believe that it is so important for us to share who we are to our church family and to all of those willing to listen. Sharing who we are is our 1st core practice at First Presbyterian Church of Edmond Oklahoma because we believe it's the foundation of building a relationship with somebody who is seeking Christ. At The Core allows us to share who we are and dive into our other core practices as we hope to spread the love of the Gospel to all the nations.

The first of our seven core practices is Share Who You Are. When we share our stories, we are cultivating relationships with those around us and spread the Gospel. Join us as Larry Shields shares his testimony of how Jesus transformed his life.
As followers of Jesus, I don’t think we need to be convinced that we have been called to make disciples.  We understand that is our mission.  But if we are honest, many of us aren’t quite sure how to do it.  What could it look like?  How can I position my life and leverage my time in order to spiritually grow and multiply? How does this fit with the other facets of my life?  Many of us find that we need encouragement, support and practical tools as we learn how to make the vision of disciplemaking a reality.  That is why we have created this blog.

We are First Presbyterian Church of Edmond and we believe that God has called us to participate in His vision of NEW LIFE through JESUS for EDMOND and the WORLD. How do we do this?  We Gather for worship and community, Grow in intimacy and understanding and Go to serve and share.  

Although we all serve in different ministry contexts and live in our own sphere of influence, we have committed to be a community of people who each live out a personal culture of discipleship marked by our

7 Core Practices:

Share Who You Are
Care for One Another
Read and Practice Scripture Together
Pray Together
Invest in People
Serve Community
Create and Send Leaders

These simple practices challenge us to continue to cultivate relationships with the people around us as we share new life through Jesus.  We want to help you integrate these core practices into your rhythm of life where ever you may be.  Whether you are from our particular church community or building the Kingdom in other parts of the world, we pray these stories, tools and tips will serve you well.

Have fun!  We can’t wait to hear what God does in and through you!

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