Freedom In The Father

This 40-Day Lenten devotional is a gift for you from First Presbyterian Church. Our elders at First Pres are calling all of us to our core practices of praying together and reading and practicing Scripture during this time of Lent -Ash Wednesday to Easter.
This devotional on the Lord’s Prayer is a companion piece to our current sermon series, ”Teach us to Pray.” It is called Freedom in the Father, and it takes the Lord’s Prayer nearly word by word exploring its deep meaning and application for our life. There is a tremendous freedom in turning over the daily components of our life to a loving and gracious Father and increasing our dependence upon Him. The Lord’s Prayer allows us to do just that. Unlike most of our devotionals, I am the author so the person speaking is me and the examples are from my life.
This devotional is designed to be used daily individually or as part of your family devotional. It is also designed to be used by a micro-group. We have written some reflection questions to be done once a week exploring how the Spirit and the Word have spoken to you during the last week.
I hope you will make this devotional a part of your daily routine alongside your Church family. We are seeking unity in the Holy Spirit and the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3) so that we may share “New Life through Jesus for Edmond and the world!”