“Where do you get that living water?” 

John 4:11          

The 1962 addition has been and will remain our front porch—but our vision and the times demand a different kind of front porch, a front porch for a world that does not automatically look for a church.



A campaign to grow our outreach and discipleship, to foster radical hospitality toward our community and neighbors, to address facility needs, and to create new disciples - delivering Living Water to a thirsty community.


“I think it’s hard to look at it and not see Jesus’s Love.  Anywhere you look you can see the Love of God. I love it that there’s always a spot for anyone in the church…”
Worship is the purpose of man
Early Childhood Program
Walk through the 1962 wing
Commitment Sunday

Daily Prayer Guide

The devotionals are based on three Bible verses selected for their application to our Living Water campaign. On the back cover of this booklet, you will find a specific "campaign" prayer you can use to stare your daily devotional readings. It is our Prayer Team's hope that you find these verses, devotionals, and prayers encouraging and helpful as you consider a prayerful response to the Living Water campaign. We chose not to identify the author of each devotional to put more focus on the individual devotionals.