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March 2017

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Shall the Fundamentalists Win?”  Tim Keller, Princeton and the New Liberal “Essentials”

My alma mater Princeton Theological Seminary has endured an uncomfortable episode over the last few weeks.  PTS is the flagship seminary of the PC(USA), an increasingly theological liberal mainline denomination.  Tim Keller was due to be awarded the Abraham Kuyper…

November 2016


A Quick Guide to Enjoying the Holidays with Someone Who Voted for the Other Candidate

In a few days begins the most intensive family month of the year. Hundreds of millions of Americans will gather together to do whatever family and friends do celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

What is somewhat different about this year is we are about two weeks removed from a bitterly contested election. A Gallup survey reveals…




Five Things for the Church to do Under President Trump

The church of Jesus Christ has a particular and peculiar call to leadership in the world.  Not only have we been ‘blessed to be a blessing’ (Genesis 12: 2).  We are ‘a chosen race, a royal priesthood called to proclaim the excellencies of Him who brought us out of darkness into a marvelous light.’   (1 Peter 2:9)   As the beloved of God we have been set aside for a purpose.  We are not simply innocent and interested bystanders….



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