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Traditional Worship 9:00am
Sunday School 10:00am
Contemporary Worship 11:15am

Each week the children in the Early Childhood Program get to participate in Bible Time. Bible Time engages the children in God’s Word through music, movement, prayer, puppets, drama, and listening to a story from Scripture.

2017- 2018 Bible Themes

September: “God Made Me”

  • God Created the World
  • God gave me helping hands so that I can share: The boy who shared his bread and fish
  • God gave me a kind heart so that I can care for others: Ruth and Naomi
  • God gave me listening ears so that I can hear His word: Martha and Mary

October: “God Protects Us”

  • Noah and the Ark
  • Baby Moses in the basket
  • The Burning Bush
  • The Parting of the Red Sea

November: “God Wants Us to Have a Thankful Heart”

  • The Thankful Leper
  • “I am thankful for…”

December: “God gave us the gift of Jesus”

  • The Nativity Story

January: “Jesus Teaches Us”  (The Parables)

  • The Lost Sheep
  • The Prodigal Son
  • The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
  • The Farmer and the Seeds

February: “God wants us to be kind”

  • Joseph: God wants us to be kind to others even when they are mean to us.
  • The Good Samaritan: God wants us to be kind to our neighbors.
  • David and Jonathon: God wants us to be kind to our friends.
  • Jesus welcomes the children: God loves children and is kind to them!

March: “Jesus died for our sins”

  • The Resurrection Story

April/ May: “God is Powerful”

  • Manna From Heaven
  • The Walls of Jericho Tumble Down
  • The Fiery Furnace
  • Daniel and the Lions’ Den
  • David and Goliath
  • Jesus heals a paralyzed man
  • Jesus walks on water
  • Jesus calms the storm
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