1001 S. Rankin St.Edmond, OK 73034405.341.3602


Traditional Worship 9:00am
Sunday School 10:00am
Contemporary Worship 11:15am

What is a Presbyterian?

The word “Presbyterian” comes from the New Testament word “presbuteros” which means “elder” and refers to the custom of choosing spiritual leaders from among members of the church. The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy governed by elders elected from the congregation. Ministry teams comprised of elders and church members oversee various areas of responsibility and church activity.

Statement of Core Values

Trusting in God, Whom we hold most sacred, First Presbyterian Church of Edmond pursues ministries that are God Exalting; Christ Centered; Spirit Led; Bible Preaching; Prayer Powered, Disciple Making, Mission Mobilizing and Love Motivated. These following core values guide our decisions and underscore our commitment to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. Whatever we do, we do in love, reflecting the love of God, Who first loved us.

The Triune God

We exalt God with our lives, words, deeds and worship. We acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior, and place Him at the center of our lives. We are led and empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit, God’s continuing presence to transform our lives.

Scripture and Scripture-based Preaching and Teaching

We believe scripture is inspired by God and is our ultimate authority under Christ, and the guide for our preaching, teaching, faith and practice.

The Power of Prayer

We communicate with God through prayer, seeking His will in all we do. We acknowledge and rely upon the power of prayer to transform lives and effect God’s purpose for the sake of His kingdom.

Discipleship and Disciple-making

We are disciples of Jesus Christ, following Christ, being changed by Christ, and committed to His Mission. As disciples, we commit ourselves to making disciples, sharing out of love the Good News that brings people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


We mobilize our God provided resources, time and talents to serve our community and the wider world, sharing the love of Christ and extending the Kingdom of God.


ECO exists to serve congregations & nurture church leaders

First Presbyterian Church of Edmond is a partner congregation in the Presbyterian denomination, ECO. The name represents a three-fold commitment to: make disciples of Jesus Christ (Evangelical), connect leaders through accountable biblical relationships founded in God’s grace (Covenant) and commit to a shared way of life together (Order).

The acronym ECO also speaks to the denomination’s commitment to strengthen the “ecosystems” of local churches, providing the resources needed to grow, thrive and reproduce. Just as earthly ecosystems draw richness from the right kind of diversity, ECO is committed to unleashing the ministry gifts of women, men, young leaders, and every ethnicity. ECO’s name also draws from the Greek term oikos, meaning “household,” used in the Bible to reference the network of relationships that nurture an individual.

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