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The Ministry of Music has the privilege of reaching as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music that creates an atmosphere for worship and celebration of God’s love, and teaches God’s Word to participants in the Music Ministry and worshipers through instrumental and vocal music. We believe in using the many gifts of our congregation to help us worship our Lord in Spirit and in Truth!

Ministry Opportunities For All Ages

Worship Choir (high school students to adults)

Worship choir rehearses on Sundays, 4:30-5:45pm in the choir room, August-June. This 60-voice ensemble sings in the 8:15am traditional and 11am contemporary Sunday morning worship services each week from mid-August to the beginning of July. Some singers choose to sing in both services, and some choose to sing in one or the other service. All who can match pitch are welcome to join, and musical training is not required. Worship Choir sings a whole range of styles (from classical to African-American gospel, and many upbeat American styles), and often teams up with our contemporary worship band True North to deliver powerful messages about living with Christ at the center of our lives. They also lead worship and present special musical concerts with professional instrumental ensembles during the season. Childcare is free for all members, but reservations are required. Contact: Terry Attebery at (405) 202-2996

True North contemporary worship band

True North rehearses Thursdays from 7:00-9:30pm in the sanctuary. Because of the instrumentation required and the pace of learning and rehearsing music for worship, well-developed musical skills are required. While permanent spots do not open very often, there are times for singers and instrumentalists to fill in as guests. True North leads worship weekly in the 11am contemporary service. Rehearsals are ongoing. Contact: Ben Meek at (405) 922-7988

Chancel Bells handbell ensemble (high school age to adult)

Chancel Bells rehearses on Wednesdays from 6:15-7:15pm in the bell room. This ensemble rings intermediate and advanced music, so strong music reading skills are required. Guest ringers are often needed for rehearsals and for playing in worship. Rehearsals and participation happen during the months of September through May. Contact: Terry Attebery at (405) 202-2996

One Incredible Moment (OIM)

OIM is a large musical theater production done during the month of December. A large set is built and full theatrical lighting and sound is used for this production with more than one hundred performers in full costume singing all songs by memory! Rehearsals will start in August in the late afternoon on Sundays. Help is also needed from mid-November until early January for set-up and tear-down of the set and lighting. Please watch for announcements about specific rehearsal times. This production is open to all ages, and has had an amazing inter-generational participation (from age 5 to 85) in the past, so please join in this amazing proclamation of Christ’s birth this coming season! Contact: Terry Attebery at (405) 202-2996

FPCE Instrumental Ensemble

This group is made up of talented instrumentalists from our own congregation. They are often called upon for special services during the year to add color and excitement to our worship of the Lord! Top professional players from the region are added to this ensemble when instruments are needed that are needed but not played by the congregation members. Contact: Ben Meek at (405) 922-7988

Youth Worship Band and Youth Vocalists/Instrumentalists

We like to see our youth use their musical talents in worship and other church activities. There is a Youth Worship Band that leads worship during youth group on Wednesday evenings for the youth, and on Sundays for the kids of FPCE. Occasionally the Youth Worship Band will lead worship in the 11am service on Sunday mornings! Also, there are free guitar lessons offered on Sunday afternoons to youth who would like to learn to play and lead worship. Contact: Matt Jones at (405) 924-0515

Kids Musical (K-5th grade)

Each year after Easter, the kids of FPCE present a full-length Christian musical to lead worship for the whole congregation in one service at 11am. Rehearsals begin in January in the choir room. Contact: Michele Ramsdell at (405) 488-4873

Offertory Team, Worship Assistants, and Ensembles

First Pres Edmond is blessed with many gifted vocalists and instrumentalists who add their gifts to worship each Sunday. We also have Worship Assistants in our early service who help with the flow of worship and lead different elements of worship. Different vocal and instrumental ensembles are formed during the year, and if we know you have an interest in playing or singing, we can invite to participate. If you are a gifted musician or speaker, and would like to be part of worship in this way, please call Matt Jones at (405) 924-0515 to schedule a time to get together and discuss your interests.

Sound and Media Tech Team

We are often looking for techs to run sound and media for worship services and other special services and events. Training is available! Contact: Matt Jones at (405) 924-0515

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