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Preschool 3’s

• Children attend class either two or three times a week with classes offered on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Monday/ Wednesday, or Tuesday/Thursday.

• Class is from 9:05-11:45am with optional afternoon enrichment on Monday through Thursday afternoons.

• Children do not nap and must be potty trained. Children will be allowed to come to school in pull ups until October 1st if needed as they adjust to the new routine, but if, after that date, they are still having accidents on a regular basis, you will be asked to keep them home until they have finished the potty training process. Our preschool classrooms do not have changing facilities in them, and this can become very disruptive if it is a regular occurrence. If your child is very young and you feel that he/she will not be ready to potty train before school begins, please speak to us about enrolling in our Children’s Day Out program.

• Curriculum in Preschool 3’s is integrated through a variety of thematic experiences in which children “work” in centers as well as participate in large group and small group activities. Classrooms are play-based, sensory rich, and very hands-on.


• Children attend class either three, four, or five days a week with classes offered on Tuesday through Thursday, Monday through Thursday, or Monday through Friday.

• Class is from 9:05-11:45am with optional afternoon enrichment on Monday through Thursday afternoons.

• Children at this age are developing rapidly, and it is our goal that they would love learning. Curriculum continues to be developmentally appropriate and integrated through a variety of thematic experiences. In addition, classes will have a “Letter of the Week”, they will utilize the “Frog Street Press” curriculum to work with alphabet and language skills, and the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum will be used to teach writing skills.

• Our five day per week class is reserved for our older Pre-K children. To enroll in this class, children must turn five years old prior to April 1, 2018.

For children who will be five years old before school starts but who would like an additional year before beginning kindergarten, this class is an excellent “Bridge” class:

Because all children develop at different rates and because of the increasing demands placed on today’s Kindergarten children, there are many children who would simply benefit from the gift of time that this class offers. This class will allow children to further develop their social and emotional skills while continuing to grow physically and intellectually. In a world which is pushing children to grow up faster and faster, this class is truly the gift of time which allows them to develop at their own pace and which gives them the additional tools needed for future success in school.

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