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Adult Classes are built around a “Core Curriculum” – that is, those subject areas essential to a solid grounding in the Christian faith and which help us become fully equipped as disciples who make disciples.

We encourage and invite everyone, whether you’re a first time guest or a covenant partner, to connect and grow in your faith through a Sunday study class, weekday Bible study, or small group. All of the opportunities listed below are always open to new attendees.

Five core topics

Each class description will feature an icon to allow you to quickly identify the core topic under which it falls.  Everyone is encouraged to proactively broaden your knowledge by choosing from different topic areas from one semester to another so that over time, you will increase your understanding in all the core subject areas.

Sunday Morning Study Classes


Identity: Discovering and Reclaiming Who You Are in Christ

Room: 2124 | Leaders: Rev. Jen Howat and Maggie Martin

Many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy, discontentment, stress and uncertainty. Freedom eludes us and our hearts can’t help wondering, “Am I missing something? Is there more? Why is it so hard?” Habits are difficult to break. Our patterns of thinking don’t seem to change. The key to victory is understanding your identity in Christ! Whether you are exploring who Jesus is or you’ve been in a lifelong relationship with Him, join us as we explore our IDENTITY!


Finding your JAM — Jesus Anointed Mission

Room: 1205 (Fellowship Hall) | Leaders: Jack Myrick, Tim Hast, Dave Moore, Rev. Eric Laverentz

Are you feeling Jesus’ call to GO to serve and share? We have an amazing Sunday School opportunity to help further discern God’s call for your life, finding your JAM, your Jesus Anointed Mission. Together we will be discipled in the 7 Core Practices of FPCE, followed with personal, prayerful discernment for each person in the class. If you are seeking something or simply want to go deeper or learn more about our vision and core practices at FPCE, this class is for you!


Off The Shelf: College-Age Young Adults

Room: 1201 – the Parlor  | Leaders: Kari and Mark Galliart
This study is designed for college-age young adults and will challenge you to take your bible off the shelf and develop an intimate relationship with your Creator! The study is always open to guests.



Leadership with Integrity: Memoir of a Servant/Leader/Statesman

Room: 2126 | Leaders: Sheri & Karl Stickley

We all hunger today for leaders who will lead with integrity. Nehemiah stands as a vivid example of a gifted leader who led with skill, courage and conviction in the face of great odds. Governor, statesman, and lay religious leader, he was a complex individual, political and tactical as well as religious and spiritual. In the face of intense opposition from many of the local political and religious leaders, with prayer and determination Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the crumbled walls of Jerusalem and revived the Jewish people’s spirit of religious and national commitment after their return from exile. What can aspiring leaders today learn from his example? Join us as we discover lessons for today from Nehemiah’s commitment to God and his extraordinary leadership.


Paul’s Epistles (men’s class)

Room: 2123 | Leader: Henry Boecking

This fall, the class will be looking at Paul’s Epistles We will be studying the culture of the cities where he planted churches and how he boldly set out on his missionary journeys. We will focus on Paul’s inspiration from the Holy Spirit to become the most prolific author in the New Testament.


“The Story”— Old Testament

Room: 2106 | Leaders: Lee Schmidt & Ann Ozan-Willis

This class will study the first 21 chapters (covering the Old Testament) of the book “The Story”, telling the story of humankind, who God is, and what He has done for us and how the Old Testament points to the coming Christ. The Story contains portions of Scripture that have been thoughtfully and carefully excerpted and placed in chronological order. Omitted Scripture is summarized to help the flow of the storyline. This study will be filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption, beginning “In the beginning…”


The Gospel According to John

Room: 2114 | Leader: Bill Ball

John tells us very clearly his reason for writing his Gospel: “ … that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” (20:31) The story of Jesus that John tells is both the most readable and the most theological. The portrait of Jesus that he paints shows us a Jesus who is totally human and at the same time fully God. Come and join us as we examine the beautiful book and the beautiful Savior presented there. The class is open to those of any age, gender or marital status.


Sermon on the Mount

Room: 2108 | Leader: Ken Rees

This class is a multi-generational group inviting all who wish to experience more of what it means to be a practicing disciple of Jesus Christ. In our study-time we will help each other go deep into the meaning of Jesus’ most famous teaching session, the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll be seeking to learn how these familiar passages challenged the prevailing understanding for those original hearers and how they may challenge us to risk becoming distinctly out of step with our 21st century culture. We will also be encouraging each other to understand and live out the core discipleship practices implied by Jesus’ teachings.



Room: 2115 | Leaders: Ed Martin and Ken Mendenhall

This popular class will spend the Fall studying Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians. All are welcome!

“The Gathering” on Wednesday Evenings (begins 8/23)
Meal at 5:30-6:15pm | Groups at 6:30pm

The Gathering is a time for all ages to share a meal and fellowship together in the Palmer Lounge (above the gym) before heading off to kids/youth programs and adult study/small groups. Dinner is available from 5:30-6:15pm at just $6 per person. Pizza, soft drinks and other snacks are available at the Filling Station of the Palmer at a variety of prices with proceeds benefiting local and global mission.


Dysfunctional Family Values: Study on the Family in Genesis

Room: 2114 | Time: 6:30pm | Leader: Bill Ball

The families described in the Bible come nowhere near our neat pictures of the ideal nuclear family. In the first book we find sibling rivalry, polygamy, rape, incest, prostitution, even murder. We will look at the marriages and families found in Genesis and attempt to ascertain clear principles while at the same time seeing God’s grace at work even when those principles are ignored. The class is open to those of any age, gender, or marital status.

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